Sacramento California Everthing Old is New

Along the Waterfront In Old Sacramento by Barbara L. Steinberg© 

Looking for something to wile away the hours on a quiet afternoon or evening? Or a romantic getaway to surprise Old Sacramento California Historic Tower Bridge Gateway to the City Credit Barbara Steinberg 2009 that someone special? Let me just say two words...Old Sacramento! Okay, I know you’re thinking, “That old place!” Until recently, I would have agreed. Then I was asked to write an insider’s exposé—put a new spin on an old topic. 

Not unlike many Sacramento natives, I rarely look to this historic destination for my local entertainment. Sometimes, when guests need to kill a few hours we wander down to the waterfront. Otherwise, frankly, it’s off the radar. Some in-depth research was necessary to prime my creative juices. Hoping for the best, I headed off to immerse myself in the subject. Little did I know this would lead to many great discoveries and the knowledge that Old Sacramento defines the adage, “Everything old is new again.”

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Hawaiian Chieftan at Sunset Old Sacramento Tower Bridge In the years preceding the California gold discovery, the settlement at Sutter’s Fort was forsaken and life began anew on the nearby Sacramento waterfront. The world rushed to New Helvetia--as it was once known--and the bustling community along the Sacramento River became the economic engine of the region, as it is today.  The Rest of the Story...

   Old Sacramento isn’t just about grabbing a quick bite on the run. Although, for those on a tight schedule, there’s more than enough places to dine and dash. Personally, I never considered it a dining destination. What a mistake! My list of 1,000 places I must eat before I die just increased! The Rest of the Story...
Old Sacramento Brooks Novelty Neon Credit Barbara Steinberg The list of things to see and do really took me by surprise. Of course, I was well-aware that Old Sacramento is part of a 28-acre California State Historic Park, a California Historical Landmark, and National Historic Landmark; so this tells you it’s something pretty special. The Rest of the Story....
Delta King Courtesy of Delta KingLess is more when it comes to lodging in Old Sacramento; in this case, the two alternatives offer incredible diversity. The historic Delta King and the contemporary Embassy Suites both deliver stellar river views and memorable dining possibilities. The Rest of the Story....

Sacramento's exotic destination at 24th and K

Travel Insider HeadersAncient Future Brings New Color to Midtown Sacramento by Barbara L. Steinberg

If you missed today's event at Ancient Future --  My Gypsy Market -- you really missed something!

The Gypsy Market Ancient FutureSomething amazing! Something delicious! Something extraordinary! Something visual! Something tactile! Something the likes of which you have never seen in Sacramento. The old church at 24th & K streets has been reclaimed and recreated as a true destination, Ancient Future Urban Sanctuary.

Today's special event featured regional artists -- textiles, crystals, jewelry, paintings, paper maiche -- and whirling gypsy dancers! Just the beginning great things to come.

At Ancient Future prepare your senses to be whisked away! The sanctuary feels like something out of the Arabian Nights. Brilliant reds, light pouring through stained glass windows, cushioned benches beckon you to recline. Today, this haven was a cacophony sights and sounds. A collection of local artists
gathered to display their wares and bring new life to 24th & K.

The Gypsy Market is just a sampling of the treasures inside. The sanctuary is the perfect gathering place for meetings or special events.

The artisan gift shop includes many locally-made items. The foyer invites you to relax, enjoy coffee or P1250742tea and possibly something sumptuous from the 24K Chocolate Café! There is so much to discover. Through the doors you’ll find an interior courtyard garden. Fountains and art – recline if the weather permits. Holistic practitioners, artists, and healers dwell within. The menu of offerings is vast and will continue to evolve.

Now, back to the 24K Chocolate Café – descend into the belly of Ancient Future to unearth this bit of gold. Bathed in light from street-level windows, tea candles, and just the right amount of overhead mood lighting you enter a foreign land of sensory overload. The perimeter is lined with interesting cabinets and tables bedecked with a variety of teas, chocolates, and accessories. You will want to explore before, during or after.  

Small plates of food are artfully presented – delicious to the eye and palate. House-made crepes, frittata, and salads – carnivore, veggie-head or vegan – all are welcome. Quench your thirst with “spa water” infused (perhaps) with fresh cantaloupe. Then finish up with something sweet. Seasonal fruits, a special poached pear tart, or maybe some chocolate pudding with bacon. How often have I said that everything’s better with bacon?

Platters of handmade truffles are conveniently placed around the room. The moniker of “chocolate café” should have given something away. The owner, Teresa Flint, is passionate about the ancient roots of chocolate. Indulge and be educated.

This insider was blown away by the depth of Ancient Future. Applaud Teresa Flint for daring to envision and execute this magic in today's economy. All comers beware -- she raised the bar.


PS - Check out the tables made from recycled doors salvaged from the building. Hinges still attached to hang whatever.



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California Artists Put on Incredible Show at Oakwilde Ranch Exhibition

The Puppet By Hijiri Yahagi South San Francisco 2Best of Show is Amazing Life-sized Ceramic Puppet
by Barbara L. Steinberg

Fresh in off the road from Oakwilde Ranch & Sculpture and a most amazing event. In time I will write more and post all the photos, but for the moment...the incredible Best of Show winner of the 2012 Spring Sculpture Exhibition was an incredibly talented young woman, Hijiri Yahagi.

One of three in the life-sized series "I Am Puppet".

The exhibition, juried by Scott Shields, Chief Curator of Crocker Art Museum, is open by appointment only for the next six weeks. "I would have selected any one of the three for Best of Show," Scott said!

Contact Oakwilde Ranch & Sculpture in Valley Springs -- Calaveras County, in case you're wondering.

Sacramento California Greets Hawaiian Chieftain

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Nautical Past Sailed into Sacramento's Present

This artifact from our nautical past, sailed up the Sacramento River in regal style on October 12th and will be here on the waterfront in Old Sacramento through December 15th. 

Hawaiian Chieftain will also open for walk-on tours to the general public. Most tours are scheduled for Tuesday through Friday, 4 p.m. to 5 p.m., and Saturdays and Sundays, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. A $3 donation per person is appreciated.

 Hawaiian Chieftan Ties up in Old Sacramento Credit Barbara Steinberg Here's the Rest of the Story about the Visiting Hawaiian Chieftain....

What's great about Sacramento is that it's country close!

Hang-out with your new best friends on the tour
Hang-out with your new best friends on the tour
Courtesy of Placer Farm & Barn Tour