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How do I spell loyalty? Subaru!

Did You Know That Subaru Spelled Backwords is U-R-A-Bus? by Barbara L. Steinberg

But that's another story.

I am fiercely loyal! That's L-O-Y-A-L! Not just in the usual sense. Of course, loyal to family, friends, and community. Loyal to my acupuncturist, barber, lawn service, manicurist, masseuse, physician and more. Loyal to my pets. My neighbors. My neighborhood.

Also incredibly loyal to inanimate objects that have served me well. An old BMW Bavaria (circa 1972) that was a rock on the road. My first ten-speed bike -- a gift at 16 and mine for more than 30 years until I donated  it to a local fundraiser. My Hamilton Beach mixer (circa 1938) which belonged to my neighbor and was gifted to me after she died at the fabulous age of 94. My Maytag washer/dryter, a gift from my father in 1991. Similarly, my father's old bohemoth Sony a gift from his children on his 70th birthday. Twenty-three years later, it still worked. Nothing sleek and cool; a real dinosaur. I was sad when it had to be e-wasted.

Subaru at Owens Gorge in Good Company  Credit Barbara SteinbergNothing harder than the day I sold my 1994 Subaru Legacy -- yes, U-R-A-Bus and still wondering what that means. I bought her used in 1998 with a scant 74,000+ miles. Her original owners cared for her on those miles back and forth from California to Sun Valley, Idaho. She was barely broken in when they traded her in for something shinier and new. Thankfully, she came home to me!

U-R-A-Bus and I shared more than 170,000 glorious miles of open roads -- urban, rural, back, mountain, ocean view, creekside, and more. She was a  good friend and served me well. Loyal to a fault! She never let me down. The few times she broke down we were never more than a few miles from home and once, actually, in the driveway. A road queen in my world.

SubarusLittle mechanical issues were happening more and more. She needed to be in better hands in her senior years and I made the painful decision to sell. I felt incredibly disloyal and, yes, I was sad when that say came.

Still loyal to my Subaru roots, I have a newer and shinier "Bus" in the form of a 2003 Subaru Outback. Just over 94,000 miles when she pulled into my driveway; we've already enjoyed nearly 10,000 road miles.  Wow, a car built In the current century and endless adventures ahead.

The good news! My Subaru Legacy is still in the family -- so visitation and the occasional road trip are still an option. The loyalty continues as she heads towards the next milestone of 250,000. I know she'll get there!

If my Subaru can't get me there, 
that's a good reason not to go! Subaru logo



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