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Sacramento California Everthing Old is New

Along the Waterfront In Old Sacramento by Barbara L. Steinberg© 

Looking for something to wile away the hours on a quiet afternoon or evening? Or a romantic getaway to surprise Old Sacramento California Historic Tower Bridge Gateway to the City Credit Barbara Steinberg 2009 that someone special? Let me just say two words...Old Sacramento! Okay, I know you’re thinking, “That old place!” Until recently, I would have agreed. Then I was asked to write an insider’s exposé—put a new spin on an old topic. 

Not unlike many Sacramento natives, I rarely look to this historic destination for my local entertainment. Sometimes, when guests need to kill a few hours we wander down to the waterfront. Otherwise, frankly, it’s off the radar. Some in-depth research was necessary to prime my creative juices. Hoping for the best, I headed off to immerse myself in the subject. Little did I know this would lead to many great discoveries and the knowledge that Old Sacramento defines the adage, “Everything old is new again.”

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Hawaiian Chieftan at Sunset Old Sacramento Tower Bridge In the years preceding the California gold discovery, the settlement at Sutter’s Fort was forsaken and life began anew on the nearby Sacramento waterfront. The world rushed to New Helvetia--as it was once known--and the bustling community along the Sacramento River became the economic engine of the region, as it is today.  The Rest of the Story...

   Old Sacramento isn’t just about grabbing a quick bite on the run. Although, for those on a tight schedule, there’s more than enough places to dine and dash. Personally, I never considered it a dining destination. What a mistake! My list of 1,000 places I must eat before I die just increased! The Rest of the Story...
Old Sacramento Brooks Novelty Neon Credit Barbara Steinberg The list of things to see and do really took me by surprise. Of course, I was well-aware that Old Sacramento is part of a 28-acre California State Historic Park, a California Historical Landmark, and National Historic Landmark; so this tells you it’s something pretty special. The Rest of the Story....
Delta King Courtesy of Delta KingLess is more when it comes to lodging in Old Sacramento; in this case, the two alternatives offer incredible diversity. The historic Delta King and the contemporary Embassy Suites both deliver stellar river views and memorable dining possibilities. The Rest of the Story....

Building a path to Solano County's newest natural park

What's next for Rockville Trails? At least three things are already in the works.

Rockville Trails Credit Jorg FleigeFirst and foremost is the preparation of the management plan, which will guide us for years to come. A critical component of the plan is the cultural and natural resource assessments that are being conducted by Nomad Ecology and Solano Archaeological Services. We anticipate that the management plan will be complete by the end of 2013. Public access features such as trails, benches and signage will not be built until the resource mapping is complete.

A committee o f volunteers with experience in public access is helping us develop a vision for public use. They will Hiking Rockville Trails Credit Jorg Fleigeserve as ambassadors and assist with outreach. Their first task will be to solicit ideas and concerns from the community, local agencies, and organizations. There will be an outreach meeting early in 2013, and we encourage those interested to attend.

Meanwhile, a group of docents with experience at other Solano Land Trust properties will lead tours beginning in spring 2013. At first, tours will include low-impact activities such as hikin g and bird watching. Then we will phase in other types of tours, such as equestrian and mountain biking, as facilities get constructed and parking issues are worked out.

Stay tuned for more information about Rockville Trails!

Rockville Trails 2011-07-29 - Credit Jorg FleigeArticle by Sue Wickham, Project Manager 
Photos Credit Jorg Fleige
Originally pubished in E-Vistas Solano Land Trust News December 2012
Republished with permission of Solano Land Trust