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More Tour of the 'Villes: Beach Street Diner, Watsonville - RIP

What the World Needs Now is More Diners! by Barbara L. Steinberg

Beach Street Diner Watsonville 2011 Credit Barbara L Steinberg 2 Not just "faux" diners. But real, dyed in the wool, funky, colorful, full of locals, and true to those food genre diners! The Beach Street Diner in Watsonville is just such a diner. And scores twice because it's located in one of California's many 'Villes. 

You have to stumble on places like Beach Street Diner. That's exactly what happened. I had just rolled into Watsonville, was on my way to another local restaurant, driving through an industrial area of produce and farm warehouses, and there glowing in the fading light was Beach Street Diner. My head spun around. I had to make sure they weren't still open because my dinner plans weren't set in stone. They were closed. Note to self: I know for certain where I will be having breakfast tomorrow.

Back at my hotel I did the logical thing and Googled Beach Street Diner.  No website but plenty of stars on the Yelp scale.  Okay, good to go for breakfast. Leave your cholesterol counters at home folks.

Beach Street Diner has just the right funk curb-appeal. Darling. You just have to love it. Well, you don't but I did. As soon as I walked inside the funkiness and old-fashioned charm embraced me. This is the locals place! Young and old. And I am on track to becoming one of them. My waitress, Connie, has worked at Beach Street for more than 10 years. We exchange more than the usual pleasantries and now new BFF. Well, close. She hugs many customers as they leave.

Food. Yes, the food. Homemade. Salsa, chili, biscuits, eggs Benny "smothered" in homemade Hollandaise and waffles. They serve real butter -- gasp! There's a choice of home fries or (the healthy choice) slice tomatoes. Hand-formed burgers -- not pre-formed and frozen.

You will laugh when I tell you my breakfast choices: (1) Side of pancakes and (2) Side of extra-crisp bacon!  Now that's health food baby! I was staying away from eggs thinking I might be allergic (it's been determined I am not, thank God!). But I love big, fluffy pancakes. And everything tastes better with bacon. Though the sweet and salt of this can never meet on my plate. Do not get that maple syrup on my bacon! Ever!

I say what I mean and I mean what I say. I jumped right to the truth of the matter and Yelped on Beach Street Diner big time! Clearly I didn't get to publishing this article fast enough and my wish that what we need is more diners not one less! The sad news I just discovered online today. Beach Street Diner falls me out here people. What the Hell is going on in this country? Please find someone to revive this piece of Americana and my faith in life in America.

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