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Redding California Eaglet Triplets Are Here

Redding' is All About Freedom, Hope and Spirit by Barbara L. Steinberg© 

                                     Eagle Cam Image

Now is the time for a real celebration! The second and third eaglets have been born -- talk about your triple threat! Bald eagle parents, Patriot and Liberty, have been joined by Freedom, Hope and Spirit -- named in a poll by Redding locals.

And now it's just a wait-and-see if the siblings can all survive. Their survival depends on the hard-working parents' ability to keep the food source coming and, of course, each eaglets' ability to get a fair share. But we all know the "life isn't fair" factor....especially in Nature where truly the strong survive.

I watched with wide-eyed wonder as Patriot and Liberty ripped apart food for their young brood. The video cam didn't allow me to determine whether it was fish, fowl, or mammal but I didn't care. A rare moment -- something I could never imagine -- unfolded before me in the comfort of my home office. When the food ran out, one eagle gracefully repositioned itself on the eaglet triplets as the other flew off in search of the next meal.

Read more about the family of five in the Redding Searchlight. FYI - if you check-in and the Eagle Cam is down, please check back.

Route 44 eagles - Caltrans Eagle Cam








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Redding California And Baby Eagle Makes Three


The New Celebrity California Eaglet!  Birth Announcement!

The first egg hatched a little after 4 p.m. on March 17! Mom, dad, and baby are all resting comfortably. Stay tuned.

The first egg was laid on February 6th, the second on February 9th and the third on February 13th. All the eggs were laid in the early evening. The eagles will continue to incubate the two remaining eggs until they hatch after about 35 days. Meanwhile, what do we call this newest Californian?

Pay attention when the eagles switch places during incubation. Their talons are very sharp and can easily damage the egg shell, so they carefully ball up their feet when they sit down on the eggs.








And where other California eagles have dared...this Redding eagle family is not alone. Eagle families are active in the Channel Islands on Catalina Island & Santa Cruz Island:





Sacramento California Where Everything Old is New

In Old Sacramento You Can Spend the Night, Past and Present by Barbara L. Steinberg© 


Delta King Room Courtesy of Delta King Less is more when it comes to lodging in Old Sacramento; in this case, the two alternatives offer incredible diversity. The historic Delta King and the contemporary Embassy Suites both deliver stellar river views and memorable dining possibilities. The Delta King staterooms are cozy— experience riverboat life from the early 1900s with all the 21st century conveniences.

Masatoyo Kishi Bronze Statues Embassy Suites Credit Barbara Steinberg 6 The Embassy Suites is an all suites property and an inviting choice particularly if you’re traveling with kids. The rooms at both hotels have been recently renovated…all shiny and new! They offer all kinds of great packages from romance and theater to wine tasting and museum tours. Taking a break from day-long activities is made simple when your room is just a stroll away.

With regional growth, other diversions have enticed the public away from this treasured attraction.  Back in the day, as they say, Old Sacramento was it!  After many hours of scouting, I can honestly say, “It still is!” Old really is new again,

Sacramento California Great Dines In Old Sacramento

Don't Dine & Dash in Old Sacramento by by Barbara L. Steinberg© 

Old Sacramento isn’t just about grabbing a quick bite on the run. Although, for those on a tight schedule, there’s more than enough places to dine and dash. Personally, I never considered it a dining destination. What a mistake! My list of 1,000 places I must eat before I die just increased!

Old Sacramento Delta House Fish Tacos Credit Barbara Steinberg After a long day exploring, I was famished. Looking for something quick, I still wanted a sit-down experience. By sheer luck I walked into the new Delta House, part of the Old Depot. Owner Dean dishes up incredible fish tacos, fish and chips, clam chowder, and other seafood offerings—all from scratch. Fortuitously I wandered down Firehouse Alley to find Café Giapetto, also six months new. Though accessible from Front and K streets, the Firehouse Alley patio was my entry point. This Italian grotto serves the favorite three Ps: pasta, pannini, and parmigiana.

Not everything is new in Old Sacramento. And sometimes old is good. Stylish as ever, The Firehouse Restaurant is fine dining at its absolute best. On the opposite end of the scale, Fanny Ann’s Saloon is still completely dark and rickety. Famous for their Jiffy Burger (that would be peanut butter) and five-pound bucket of Buffalo wings, how did they ever fall off my dive Doppler?

Old Sacramento The Back Door Prime Rib Dip Credit Barbara Steinberg 2009 I moseyed into The Back Door, circa 1969. How could I have missed this off-beat back alley bar and restaurant? It has everything from 80-something “Nick the Legend,” with 30-plus years of bartending wizardry, and Lee Diamond Live, the ultimate lounge act, to homemade biscuits and gravy and prime rib French dip. I plan to be a regular at this throw-back to another time.

With so many tasty opportunities it’s impossible to name them all here. Before this quest began, I could scarcely name one. For wine lovers, Discover California provides wine tasting at their subterranean wine bar and the Delta King hosts a wine school. Sacramento Sweets—family-owned and operated since 1964 has honed their candy prowess—the homemade candies are divine. My personal fave...macadamia nut brittle...OMG!!!! 

And when it comes to waterfront dining, Old Sacramento has all the best views: Joe's Crab Shack, Rio City Cafe, Tower Bistro, and, of course, the Delta King.

California Wildflowers Ablaze Near Mariposa

Wildflower Display Near Mariposa California Photo by by Barbara L. Steinberg© 

Despite the wintry rains and overcast, this first seasonal wildflower display outside Mariposa California along Hwy. 140 was springtime at its finest. On the YARTS (Yosemite Area Regional Transportation System) bus to Yosemite National Park, I had to scramble to snap this photo through blurred glass. But the beauty of the moment is clear.

As the California wildflower season unfolds, check out the Theodore Payne Foundation Wildflower Hotline and Carol Leigh's Wildflower Hotsheet for updates.

Mariposa California Hwy 140 Along Merced River Wildflowers 2009 Credit Barbara Steinberg 

March 1, 2009