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Wind Chimes

Those are some beautiful wind chimes, I've always loved them since I was a child. My gran used to have a set hanging in her garden and for some reason they've stuck in my mind ever since. I remember playing in the garden with her and hearing the pleasant sounds in the background. I'd have to say it's one of my fondest memories of my childhood.

Gwen Winter

I worked for a gift store in Merced, CA 10 Years ago we moved to Bastrop, TX. As a going away gift the owner and employees of Applewood gave me a going away gift of the large chimes. They had it engraved and it was hanging on an oak tree in our front yard. Every timed it chimed it reminded me of my friends in Merced. Last Labor Day we lost our home to the Bastrop Wild Fires. The only thing that was left were the chimes on the oaks. The string was burned but the chimes survived. I would like to send them back, have them cleaned and restrung and tuned. I miss the sound and would like to have them ready when we move into our new home which is in the process of being rebuilt.

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